Coalition strike kills, wounds 16 ISIS elements in al-Hawija District

Archival photo.
Archival photo.

( Kirkuk – On Tuesday, a security source in Kirkuk province revealed, that 16 ISIS elements have been either killed or injured in an aerial bombing by the international coalition in the district of al-Hawija in southwest of the province.

The source told, “Today, warplanes of the international coalition have shelled sites for the ISIS militants in the areas of al-Rashad and al-RIyad in the district of al-Hawija,” noting that, “The targeted sites included five tactical sites and a number of security checkpoints.”

“The shelling resulted in killing 8 ISIS elements and injuring 8 others,” the source added.


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  1. i hope hashed al shabi wipe off isis completely soon as possible. and then shia militia soon to parade to syria help the brother there..

    syrian people need your help..
    i think hizbullah lebanese and saa suffered enough facing turkey backed nusra plus isis..

    especially since iraqi shia militia being withdraw from syria..

  2. It is going to take Iraq at least 2 years just to get ISIS out of Iraq. Then will Iraq forces go into Syria to get ISIS there and the Iraqi Government will not talk about that.

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