Coalition strikes destroy 7 rocket launchers for ISIS west of Ramadi

Archival photo.
Archival photo.

( al-Anbar – The commander of the seventh division of the army, Maj. Gen. Naumann Abdul-Zobaie, announced the destruction of seven rocket launchers belonging to ISIS in air strikes by the international coalition in west of Ramadi.

Zobaie stated in an interview with, “Warplanes of the international coalition carried out a number of air strikes on sites belonging to ISIS in the district of Kabisa south of Heet (70 km west of Ramadi), which resulted in the destruction of five rocket launchers for ISIS.”

He added, “The strikes also destroyed two rocket launchers in the area of Albu Hayat in Haditha District (160 km west of Ramadi), while killed 4 ISIS elements, including a senior leader.”

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