Coalition warplanes kill 20 ISIS militants near Biji’s oil refinery

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Salahuddin ( On Saturday, a security source in Salahuddin province said, that 20 ISIS elements have been killed in an air strike by the international coalition near Biji oil refinery.

The source told IraqiNews, “Warplanes of the international coalition conducted an air strike against ISIS militants near Biji’s oil refinery in north of Biji (40 km north of Tikrit),” noting that, “The air strike resulted in killing 20 ISIS militants and destroying 3 vehicles for them.”

The source who requested to remain anonymous, added, “The coalition’s warplanes carried out air strikes on ISIS headquarters and gathering sites in the area of al-Mallaha, located in south of Biji,” without mentioning further details over the casualties.


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  1. I know that the Western International Coalition fighter planes would love to hit any vehicles that ISIL has. With their new Laser GPS JDAM bombs they very easily can do that even if the vehicles are moving at any speed and even if they are armored tanks, or even if they are just plain ordinary vehicles with a heavy machine gun on it, they all can be hit very accurately and completely destroyed. And even if the plane is 50,000 feet above the vehicle, or even if the plane is up to 24 miles away from it. For buildings they use just ordinary JDAM bombs which are very accurate for hitting any structures and killing anyone inside.

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