Confrontations in western Mosul leave three soldiers, 11 militants killed

FILE PHOTO: A member of Iraqi rapid response forces carries his weapon, in western Mosul, Iraq, June 3, 2017. REUTERS/Alaa Al-Marjani – RTX38TUN

Mosul ( Several Iraqi soldiers, Islamic State militants were killed in fierce confrontations that took place in the vicinity of Madinat al-Tib (medical city), in western Mosul, an informed security source said.

“Three soldiers and eleven militants were killed during confrontations that occurred on Monday at the areas surrounding Madinet al-Tib, in al-Shifa district, northwest of Mosul,” the source told Shafaaq News.

Security troops, according to the source, cordoned off the medical city and now besiege the militants inside. He expected it to be fully liberated within the coming few hours.

Earlier on Saturday, the Iraqi government forces recaptured Zanjili district in western Mosul, leaving only one district of al-Shifa in Islamic State’ grip before reaching its strategic stronghold in the Old City neighborhood, which is home to the Grand Nuri Mosque, the place where IS supreme leader proclaimed the group’s rule in Iraq in 2014.

Less than 1000 fighters remaining in the Old City, according to commanders from the Iraqi leadership and the allied U.S.-led coalition.

The eastern side of Mosul city was liberated in January after three months of battles. Another offensive was launched in February to liberate the western flank of the city.

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