US Congress allocates $1.6 billion as military aid for Iraq in coming months

US ambassador in Baghdad, Stuart Jones
US ambassador in Baghdad, Stuart Jones


( On Thursday, the United States announced that the Congress has appropriated $1.6 billion as military aid to Iraq in the coming months, noting that this aid is sufficient to nine brigades.

US ambassador in Baghdad Stuart Jones said in an interview, “The United States has allocated 1.6 billion dollars as military aid to Iraq,” stressing that, “This aid will arrive during the next summer; Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi is aware of that.”

Jones added, “This aid will be allocated for nine Iraqi brigades,” adding that, “The United States continues to support the Iraqi government in order to defeat the ISIS group.”

The US Vice President Joe Biden announced on April 9, 2015, that the United States supplied Iraq with 100 million pieces of ammunition, stressing that his country would send hundreds of rockets and anti-armor vehicles to Iraq next September, while pointed out that Washington had helped Iraqi forces to restore their military capability.

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