24 Iraqi military officers killed in Karawi bombing

Death toll of Karawi bombing reach death of 24 military officers

Anbar, Ramadi ( A source within the Iraqi Army, Seventh Division declared a new death toll of the bombing that targeted the Commander of the 7th Division, Brigadier Mohamed al-Karawi in Rutba area of western Anbar province.

The source revealed that ”The bombing resulted in killing (24) military elements, including the Karawi, his assistant Brigadier Noman Mohamed, the Commander of Anbar Intelligence Body, eight army officers and (13) soldiers.”

According to security source who reported to “The Deputy Chairman of Army Staff, Lieutenant General Abod Qanber, and the Commander of the Ground Forces, Lt. Gen. Ali Ghaidan, in cooperation with Anbar Police Commander, Hadi Razeij, launched a security campaign in the areas located to the western of Anbar on the background of killing the Commander of the Seventh Division, Mohamed Ahmed Khalaf al-Karawi, in Rutba area.”

The Commander of the Seventh Division, Brigadier Mohamed Ahmed al-Karawi, was killed along with several of his soldiers while they were raiding a shelter filled with Improvised Explosive Devices, that belongs to Qaeda organization, in Wadi Horan within Rutba area of western Anbar province.

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