Dhi Qar Criminal Court sentences 7 terrorists to death

Dhi Qar Criminal Court sentences 7 terrorists to death
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Dhi Qar ( The Criminal Court of Dhi Qar, on Sunday, sentenced seven terrorists to death, after charging them with terrorism and other charges, including perpetrators of blasts against the security forces.

The Council of Dhi Qar Province said in a statement that the Criminal Court of Dhi Qar Province reviewed the cases of three persons who were accused of participating in the bombing of a car bomb in al-Hilla City, which led to the death and injury of many citizens, while pointed out that the court has sentenced them to death.

The statement added that the same court sentenced another terrorist to death for participating in an armed attack on the Iraqi Army forces in al-Tarmeya area in Baghdad, which killed 15 citizens.

Furthermore, it explained that the court sentenced three others to death for carrying out an armed attack on al-Wajeheya area in the province of Diyala, which led to the killing and injury of many citizens, while it indicated that the sentences was issued based in the 4th article of the law of terrorism.

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  1. These people should not put their names to anything and call it Justice. The terrorists that are in power in Iraq should hang themselves.

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