It is difficult to fully encircle Fallujah, says Warren

The spokesman for the international coalition Steve Warren
The spokesman for the international coalition Steve Warren

( Baghdad – The spokesman for the international coalition Steve Warren announced on Tuesday, that it is so difficult to fully surround Fallujah, while revealed that the so-called ISIS is preparing for the battle since a year. Warren was also concerned by the humanitarian situation in the city, while denied the existence of any plans to deliver humanitarian aid to the city by air.

Warren said during a press conference held at the headquarters of the US embassy in central Baghdad, “The Anti-Terrorism and tribal forces have surrounded the city of Fallujah to isolate it,” pointing out that, “The full encirclement is very difficult.”

Warren added, “The ISIS have been preparing for the battle of Fallujah for more than a year,” indicating that, “Iraqi forces will determine the suitable time for the liberation process, while the international coalition is providing the air support.”

The spokesman for the international coalition continued, “The thing about an air-drop is it’s very difficult to control who gets it,” adding that, “The conditions have to be such that the people who you want to receive the supplies are actually able to receive them and there’s no evidence that that’s the case in Falluja.”

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  1. If they do air-drop the chances are that ISIS would get all of it, for even if the citizens get it first then ISIS will soon come to take it away from them before they have a chance to open and eat the supplies.

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