89 ISIL terrorists killed in Diyala according to Dijla Operations Command

dijla-oc-announces-conducting-wide-security-operation-in-diyalaDiyala ( The Commander of Dijla Operations Command, Abdulameer al-Zaidi, announced killing 89 ISIL terrorists in Atheem district in Diyala.

Zaidi stated to “Dijla OC liberated Atheem district and some nearby villages from the ISIL terrorists after killing 89 ISIL terrorists and defusing 32 Improvised Explosive Devices.”


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  1. @john = I dont think it was even 89 – probably 8 flies if anything!
    If you add up all the numers “killed2 by know according to this shia s**t website you probably get a figure of about 30,000!
    You do the maths

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