Diyala Governor reveals details of his assassination attempt

Diyala Governor reveals details of his assassination attempt

Diyala ( The Governor of Diyala province, Omar al-Hamiri, revealed details of the assassination attempt that targeted him on Saturday morning.

Hamiri said in a press conference he held in front of his house, attended by reporter “A car bomb driven by suicide bomber and carrying 80 kilos C4 that was parked near my house went off at 6 a.m.”

“My bodyguards opened fire targeting the suicide bomber to prevent his advance,” noting “After detonating the car, gunmen carrying silenced handguns attempted to storm my house, but the bodyguards clashed with them.”

“The gunmen fled to unknown destination after they failed in storming my house,” he added holding the terrorism responsibility for this attack.”

Security source has told Iraqi News ( on Saturday morning that “A car bomb was exploded on Saturday morning targeting Diyala Governor, Omar al-Hamiri, in Baquba al-Jadida neighborhood resulted in killing one bodyguard and a woman who was accidentally near the incident place while three other bodyguards were wounded.

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