Diyala police set special plan for Muharram

Diyala police set special plan for Muharram

Diyala, Baquba ( The police command of Diyala province completed its preparations to secure the religious rituals of Muharram in the province.

The media director of Diyala police command, Ghaleb Atea, reported in statement received by on Saturday ”The police command of Diyala province has developed a special plan with the participation of (20,000) security elements in addition to the information and intelligence department to provide protection for the Husseini processions.”

Atea confirmed ”There is a direct coordination with the people responsible for managing Husseini processions and the bureau of the police commander to preserve security and avoid any potential security breach.”

He pointed out ”The police will issue special instructions and identity cards for the people of the Husseini procession in addition to deploying female security elements to contribute in success of the security plan.” \

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