Security forces liberate Dolab Police Station, dozens of ISIS members killed

Iraqi security forces. File photo.
Iraqi security forces. Archival photo.

( Anbar – The leadership of al-Hashed al-Shaabi in Anbar Province announced on Monday the liberation of al-Dolab Police Station in Heet District west of Ramadi, while pointed out to the killing of dozens of ISIS fighters.

The intelligence officer in al-Hashed al-Shaabi in Haditha District Nazim Aljughaifi said in a press statement followed by, “This afternoon the joint forces managed to cleanse al-Dolab Police Station in Heet District from ISIS members, as well as raising the Iraqi flag over its building after fierce battles,” pointing out that, “Dozens of ISIS members were killed during the operation.”

Aljughaifi added, “Dolab area was nearly cleansed,” indicating that, “We will officially announce the complete liberation of the area in the next few hours.”

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