Dozens of ISIL terrorists flee from Tikrit to Mosul

Anbar( The terrorists of the ISIL have fled to Mosul from Tikrit after being liberated by the Security Forces and the volunteers of Public mobilization.

“Almost about 50 pickup trucks full of dozens of the terrorists arrived at Mosul fleeing from Tikrit after the Security Forces and the volunteers of Public mobilization liberated about 70% of its area fromthe ISIL control”, adding that many of the terrorists were injuries taken to hospitals to receive medical cure”, A security source told

The source added that “the ISIL terrorists call people for blood donation for the injuries”. /End/


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  1. Why did the Iraqi Security Forces allow 50 pickup trucks loaded with ISIL fighters to escape to the North? That certainly should have been anticipated and those fighters captured. Much useful information could have been gathered from those fleeing Tikrit.

  2. Missed oportunity to airstrike the fleeing ISIL terrorists when they were an easy target on the road before they could reinforce Mosul.I would think they would be most vulnerable to air attacks while in transit.

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