Embargo in Baghdad region as hunt for sniper enters 2nd week

Representational photo.

Baghdad ( An embargo has continued for a third day in a northern Baghdad region as security entered a second week in search for a sniper who had killed security members, a security source was quoted saying.

The source told Baghdad Today on Thursday that “a terrorist sniper in Tarimiya, north of Baghdad, had killed two soldiers, one near Ibin Sina and the other near ak-Houra, both in the same precinct”.

“Security forces have been chasing the sniper for two weeks, but have not apprehended him yet due to the region’s geography,” according to the source.

The United Nations Assistance Mission in Iraq (UNAMI) had recorded 115 deaths among Iraqis due to violence, armed conflict and terrorist attacks across the country during the month of January.

According to the organization, 3298 Iraqi civilians were killed and 4781 others were wounded in violence and armed conflict throughout 2017.

Most of the deadliest attacks in Baghdad had been claimed by Islamic State militants. Iraq declared victory over the extremist group in December, ending a three-year of the militants’ occupation of large parts of the country, but the group has staged occasional attacks against civilians and security since then, raising fears that it may continue to represent a security threat even after losing its territorial influence.

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