Enraged by brother’s death in battles, ISIS member massacres Mosul family

ISIS members in Mosul. File photo.
ISIS members in Mosul. File photo.

( Nineveh – Enraged by his brother’s death in battles with Iraqi security forces, an Islamic State fighter killed a whole family inside its Mosul home, Alsumaria News reported.

A local source said that upon receiving the news of his brother’s death in battles in Aden, west of Mosul, the militant stormed into the family’s house in al-Jazaer neighborhood, also west of Mosul, killing all of the six family members who included a woman and a kid.

ISIS put its fighters in the area on alert fearing a backlash from the residents, said the source.

“ISIS has become more brutal. Massacres are committed in daylight for the most trivial reasons. The group leaves dead bodies for days on the street before they are thrown into mass graves,” the source said, on condition of anonymity.

ISIS is becoming under mounting pressure as Iraqi joint forces, aided by a US air cover, continue to advance to Mosul, the group’s last foothold in Iraq, in a largely successful operation that set on in mid October.

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