F-16 fighter jets began air raids since September 2nd, says Air Force

F-16 fighter jets file photo.
F-16 fighter jets file photo.

( Baghdad – The commander of the Air Force, Anwar Hamad Amin, announced on Sunday, that the F-16 fighter jets have begun its combat operations since the 2nd of September.

Amin said in a press conference held at the headquarters of the Ministry of Defense and attended by, “we have begun combat operations using  F-16 fighter jets since the 2nd of September,” noting that, “this happened after obtaining the approval from the Ministry of Defense and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces.”

Amin added that “the blows of these aircrafts were accurate and carried out based on accurate intelligence,” demanding the citizens in the occupied provinces to “stay away from the headquarters of the organization in order not to be subjected to harm.”

He indicated that “what happened is the result of great cooperation between Iraq and America,” expecting “the arrival the second, third and fourth patches of these aircraft soon.”

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  1. More of these fighter planes will arrive later in several Batches from America and they certainly will help Iraq with accurate bombing of ISIS targets.

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