F-16 warplanes kill 13 ISIS leaders in Sharqat District, Salahuddin

Iraqi F-16 fighter jet. File photo.
Iraqi F-16 fighter jet. File photo.

( Salahuddin – Media officials with the Defense Ministry announced on Wednesday the killing of 13 ISIS leaders, including a “minister,” during an aerial bombardment in the district of Sharqat in Salahuddin Province.

The officials said in a statement received by, “The Iraqi F-16 warplanes conducted an air strike, based on intelligence information in Sharqat, resulting in the destruction of a headquarters used for gathering the ISIS leaders,” adding that, “The bombardment resulted in killing 13 [ISIS] leaders, including an important leader called ISIS Minister,” pointing out that, “The funeral of the [minister] has been seen, while the ambulances were witnessed transferring the dead and wounded.”

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