Families escape ISIS grip, seek refuge in areas under Kurdish forces

Displaced families. Representative photo
Displaced families. Representative photo

( Mosul- A security source in Mosul informed on Monday that a dozen families from Mosul, escaping the wrath of ISIS left their homes and arrived at those areas which are controlled by Kurdish Peshmerga forces.

Sharing details about the escape the source seeking anonymity said, “Families from areas in Mosul, which are still under ISIS control, continue to risk their lives and escape the grip of the terror outfit in search of better and safer places. And adding to this number, today around 50 families recently reached safer areas controlled by Kurdish Peshmerga forces as they risked their lives and fled Mosul from the areas that are still under ISIS control.”

“On their arrival, they went through the regular security checks and drills,” the source added.

It may be mentioned here that since the beginning of operations to liberate areas south of Mosul, people are continuously escaping the IS-ruled areas and are seeking refuge at areas under Peshmerga forces’ control.

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