Federal Police kills 12 ISIS elements in security operation east of Ramadi

Iraqi federal police forces. Archival photo.
Iraqi federal police forces. Archival photo.

( Anbar – The commander of the 2nd brigade in the federal police, Brigadier General Mehdi Hayali, announced on Tuesday the killing of 12 ISIS elements in a security operation east of Ramadi.

Hayali said in an interview for, “A force from the Scorpio Regiment in the Federal Police launched, today, an offensive operation against strongholds and gatherings belonging to ISIS in Husaybah area, (7 km east of Ramadi), resulting in the killing of 12 elements of the ISIS rganization and the burning of a vehicle carrying machine guns. ”

He added, “The force managed to dismantle six improvised explosive devices,” pointing to “the killing of an ISIS sniper that was watching the progress of the military forces from the top surface of one of the buildings in Husaybah area.”

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