IS fighters’ children to be sent to orphanage or home country: government

Displaced children in Iraq.

Nineveh (  The children of Islamic State fighters are facing deportation to home countries or retention in orphanages, the Iraqi government has said in a statement.

The Nineveh province council said children belonging to foreign IS fighters will be handled based on “Iraqi laws”.

Aljournal News quoted council member Hassan al-Allaq saying that, based on Interior Ministry laws, an Iraqi mother with children from a foreigner should provide courts with a parenthood evidence, after which the court should decide on citizenship rights for the kids.

“If the wife is a Daesh (IS) member, as is the case with her deceased husband, she will be referred to justice based on the anti-terrorism laws, while her children will be referred to an orphanage,” Allaq stated. “If the the father and the mother are both Daesh members, and also non-Iraqis, their home country will be approached to receive the children back. If that fails, they will be sent to an orphanage”.

Iraq declared victory over IS in Mosul, the group’s former “capital” in the country, early July, ending an eight-month campaign backed by a U.S.-led coalition.

Iraqi forces have been vetting hundreds of thousands of displaced civilians for suspected IS links, and have occasionally declared arresting several suspected members of the group hiding in the middle of refugees.

Nineveh’s local government declared plans last month to deport IS members’ families to camps for rehabilitation, and said it would no longer allow receiving migrant Islamic State fighters families arriving from other provinces.


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