IS Australian Brigade’s leader killed by airstrike north of Mosul

IS Australian Brigade's leader killed by airstrike north of Mosul
Members of the Islamic State. File photo.

Nineveh ( A security source in Nineveh Province revealed that the Islamic State’s Commander of the Australian Brigade was killed, along with three of his aides, north of the province, Alsumaria News reported on Tuesday.

The source said, “Iraqi Air Force, with the cooperation of the military intelligence, conducted an air strike on Islamic State’s headquarters of Australian leaders in al-Hadba neighborhood, north of Nineveh, destructing the headquarters completely, as well as killing all leaders inside it.”

“The air strike also killed the commander of Islamic State’s Australian Brigade, Khaled Sharouf, also known as Abu Mosab al-Australi, along with his aides Mohamed Abdel Karim (Abu Waleed al-Australi), Abdullah Ismail (Abu Aisha) and Sedrouf (Abu Taiba al-Australi),” the source added.

The province of Nineveh is witnessing extensive military operations to retake the city of Mosul that was captured by the Islamic State in June 10, 2014.

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