Four civilians wounded in bomb explosion in central Kirkuk

A bloodstained puddle could be seen on the square after a bomb attack in Baghdad

Kirkuk ( – Four civilians were wounded Sunday in a bomb explosion in Kirkuk governorate, a police spokesman was quoted as saying.

Speaking to Alsumaria News, spokesman for Kirkuk Police Afrasiaw Kamil said, “An explosive charge placed under a car went off in central Kirkuk, leaving four passers-by wounded.”

He added that the bomb blast left material damage to the car.

In a related development, an explosion was heard at an arms depot at al-Habbaniyah base in Anbar province.

A short circuit is believed to be behind the explosion that took place inside a depot used for storing heavy and medium weapons, and mortar shells.

Iraqi cities have seen almost daily bombings and armed attacks against security members, paramilitary troops and civilians since the Iraqi government launched a wide-scale campaign to retake Islamic State-occupied areas in 2016. Though most of the daily bombings go without a claim of responsibility, Islamic State is expected to be behind many.

The surge in violence between armed groups and government forces has resulted in over 3 million internally displaced persons across Iraq and left more than 11 million in need of humanitarian assistance, according to the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs.

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