Four Islamic State members killed in operation on borders between Iraq, Syria

Soldiers guard the Jordanian borders. File photo.

Anbar ( Four Islamic State members were killed as security troops were combing the region on borders between Syria and west of Anbar, a security source from Anbar Operations Command said on Thursday.

Speaking to BasNews, the source said, “security services carried out a wide-scale military operation in al-Jazeera region in Qaim town, on borders between Iraq and Syria. Islamic State remnants were chased. Four militants were killed, while two rest houses were destroyed.”

Speaking on condition of anonymity, the source said, “troops launched a campaign to inspect and secure the desert regions within Qaim on the borders.”

The Iraqi-Syrian borders extend between Rutba town from al-Waleed exit border reaching to Qaim town then to Mosul, the source clarified.

On Wednesday, Seven Islamic State members were killed inside a tunnel in the desert of Hit City, west of Anbar. Moreover, Anbar police said a wide-scale military operation was carried out in al-Therthar island, north of Ramadi, leaving two suicide bombers killed, three rest houses of IS destroyed and a weapon stash exploded.

On Tuesday, security sources said Anbar police managed to destroy a rest house in al-Bou Theyab region, north of Ramadi, leaving three suicide attackers, including Omar Safwak, known as al-Chichani. On the same day, news reports quoted sources as saying that 400 IS members managed to sneak from Syria into the Iraqi province of Anbar as they currently plan to resume their terrorist activities from there.

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