Germany decides to send more troops to Iraq

German flag
German flag

( Baghdad – The German government announced, that it will send 50 German soldiers to train the Peshmerga forces in the Kurdistan region.

The German government said in a statement obtained by, “The Cabinet of Germany approved to increase the number of troops that were sent to Iraq to train the Peshmerga forces in the Kurdistan region from 100 to 150 soldiers.”

The German Defense Ministry said in a statement, “The troops that were sent to Iraq have a wide experience in the field of military training.”

Last year, Germany has sent 40 paratroopers to Iraq to train the Kurdish Peshmerga forces on using German weapons in their war against ISIS.

Noteworthy, Germany was merely supplying Iraq with non-lethal equipment such as helmets and body armors, while promised to increase its military support due to the increased risk of the extremist organization.


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