Gunmen kidnap two civilians in Saadiya

DIALA / Unidentified gunmen kidnapped two civilians in the district of al-Saadiya, Khanaqin, on Saturday, according to a security source in Diala province. “An armed group on Saturday (Sept. 5) kidnapped two civilians in the area of Imam Weis, Saadiya, (35 km) south of Khanaqin, without any apparent reasons,” the source told Iraqi News. Khanaqin, 155 km northeast of Baaquba, is one of the disputed areas between the central government in Baghdad and the semi-autonomous Kurdistan Regional Government Kurdistan RegionG). “The kidnapped civilians were heading for Baghdad,” the source added, not giving further details. Baaquba, the capital city of the restive province of Diala, lies 57 km northeast of Baghdad. AmR (P) 1

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