Gunmen kill Islamic State-linked family in eastern Mosul

Buildings destroyed during previous clashes are seen as Iraqi forces battle with Islamic State militants in Mosul, Iraq. REUTERS/Ahmed Jadallah

Mosul ( Three persons, including a woman, were shot dead by armed individuals Tuesday in eastern Mosul for having links with Islamic State militants.

A security source told Shafaq News webste that unknown armed persons invaded a house in al-Sukkar district, northeast of Mosul, and killed three members of one family, while a fourth woman was wounded.

According to the source, the family had sons who served as Islamic State members, one of whom had been killed in battles. The woman killed in the raid was a member of the extremist group’s Hisbah (vigilantism) division.

Iraqi government forces consummated the recapture of Mosul early July. The eastern section of the city was retaken late January. Up to 30.000 members of the group had been killed in more than eight months of military operations in the city, Iraqi commanders had declared.

The Iraqi security forces had regularly combed areas recaptured from the militants in search for remnant cells. Local authorities had also declared plans to isolate militants families in rehabilitation camps, and to deport foreign nationals to their home countries.

The Iraqi government intends to invade other Islamic State militants havens in Kirkuk, Anbar and Salahuddin.         



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  1. Glad that the residents of this town are stepping up to eradicate
    these IS Pigs and their collaborators.

    More of this needs to happen, it’s your town, fight for it.

  2. If you do good, you do good to yourselves. (likewise)
    If you do evil, you do evil to yourselves.
    (Qur’an: Chapter 17, Verse 7)

    It’s Quranic but Daesh zombies don’t think applies to them. They planted hate will get to eat it more and more.

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