Gunmen kill police officer in Baquba

Unidentified gunmen during an armed attack. File photo.

Diyala ( A police officer was killed by unknown gunmen at the outskirts of Baquba city, a local source from Diyala province said on Monday.

“Unknown gunmen opened fire late on Sunday against a vehicle driven by a lieutenant general from the Interior Ministry’s General Directorate of Nationality, three kilometers west of Baquba, which killed him immediately,” the source told Alghad Press. “The officer was recently transferred from Baghdad to the nationality directorate in Baquba.”

“Security troops arrived at the accident spot and conducted investigations,” the source added.

Head of the nationality directorate in Kanaan, a police colonel was killed last week in a blast as a bomb placed under his vehicle exploded.

On Saturday, the Dijla Operations Command declared launching an offensive that includes four regions of al-Nada basin, Hamreen, Wadi Thilab and Tilal Qazlaq in east of Baquba.

Several offensives were launched over the past few weeks in eastern and northeastern regions in Diyala.

Islamic State still holds a few areas in Salahuddin, Diyala, Anbar and Kirkuk, occasionally using them as launching points for its attacks against civilians and security.

Violence and armed conflicts claimed the lives of 317 Iraqis and caused injuries to 403 others during the month of April, according to a monthly count released by the United Nations Assistance Mission (UNAMI).

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