Hezbollah Brigades liberate Albu Jarad hill, open linked road with Baiji refinery

Hezbollah Brigades elements. Archival  photo.
Hezbollah Brigades elements. Archival photo.

( Baghdad – Hezbollah Brigades announced on Monday the liberation of Albu Jarad hill in Baiji north of Tikrit, as well as the opening of the linked road with Baiji refinery.

The brigades said in a statement received by, “A force of Hezbollah Brigades liberated Albu Jarad hill in Baiji (40 north of Tikrit) after it was dominated by ISIS gangs.”

The brigades added that “the force was able to open the road linking to the Baiji refinery.”

The Media War Cell announced on Sunday repelling ISIS attack, using a number of car bombs in Baiji north of Tikrit.

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