IA kills 65 terrorists, dismantles 84 IEDs for the 12th day in al-Karma, says BoC

Iraqi army soldiers. File photo.
Iraqi army soldiers. File photo.

( Baghdad – Baghdad Operations Command announced Sunday, that 65 terrorists have been killed and 84 improvised explosive devices (IEDs) were dismantled on the 12th day of the operation ‘Fajr al-Karma’ which aims to liberate the district of al-Karma and its surroundings.

Baghdad Operations Command said in a statement received by, “Baghdad Operations forces, with direct and filed supervision from the commander of Baghdad Operations, had carried out counter operations against terrorists’ sites to liberate the rest of al-Karma and its surroundings for the 12th day in a row; as a part of the operation ‘Fajr al-Karma.'”

“The army forces managed to kill 65 terrorists and dismantle 84 IEDs, in addition to destroying twelve of the enemy’s shelters and treating 18 booby-trapped houses,” the statement also read.

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