IED blast kills, wounds 2 Peshmerga fighters near Salahuddin

IED blast kills, wounds 2 Peshmerga fighters near Salahuddin
Representational photo.

Salahuddin ( A security source in Salahuddin Province revealed that a Peshmerga fighter was killed, while another fighter was wounded by an improvised explosive device explosion, east of the province, Alsumaria News reported on Wednesday.

The source said, “An explosive device, emplaced on a roadside in al-Lazaka Village in Tuz Kharmatu District (90 km east of Salahuddin) exploded, targeting Peshmerga forces.”

“The explosion killed one member of the Peshmerga forces and wounded another one,” the source explained.

“Security forces evacuated the body to the forensic medicine department and the wounded to a nearby hospital, while opened an investigation into the incident,” the source further added.

Noteworthy, Tuz Kharmatu District is witnessing suicide explosions from time to time using booby-trapped vehicles and explosive vests, targeting civilians and security forces.

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