International coalition air strike kills ISIS military chief in south Mosul


( Nineveh – What so-called ISIS military chief in the southern part of Mosul was killed Sunday in an air strike launched by the international coalition led the Unites States.

Shafaq News reported that a fighter jet targeted a BMW vehicle ridden by Mohamed Ali Mohamed nicknamed Henadi Abu Shawarib and three others in al-Houd village near al-Qayyarah.

The news website added that the air strike completely damaged the vehicle and killed all four passengers including Abu Shawarib who serves as ISIS military chief in south Mosul.

Abu Shawarib committed several crimes and violations towards innocent civilians. He was responsible for shedding the blood of Iraqi security personnel, blowing up houses of Iraqi policemen and other crimes.

The international coalition continue to target ISIS leaders and prominent members as part of a plan aiming to destroy the capabilities of the terrorist group in order to facilitate the mission of Iraqi armed forces and Peshmerga forces to liberate areas controlled by ISIS.

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  1. While the US is lopping off ISIS heads, the American people are more supportive of the US providing direct aid for infrastructure, assisting displaced Iraqi families, rebuilding education facilities and in general providing support to improve the lives of all Iraqis. The latest proposal is to provide for a long term grant to support all Iraqi security operations after the collapse of ISIS. The lives of the Iraqi people have been almost continually disrupted for years, decades, and it is going to require a lot of rebuilding and perhaps rethinking to provide for a secure and prosperous environment for all Iraqis. May God bless all of the courageous and noble Iraqi people always. Grant them peace and security as they deserve!

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