US-led coalition conducts biggest aerial attack against ISIS in Mosul

International coalition warplane. Archival photo.
International coalition warplane. Archival photo.

( Nineveh – The US Army’s Joint Task Force announced on Monday, that the international coalition had carried out the biggest aerial attack against the so-called ISIS in Mosul.

The Joint Task Force said in statement followed by, “Yesterday the US-led coalition carried out ten air strikes on ISIS headquarters in Iraq and Syria,” pointing out that, “Nine air strikes were carried out in coordination with the Iraqi government against ISIS near five cities in Iraq.”

The statement added, “The biggest attack included four air strikes near Mosul that destructed a tactical unit, as well as five combat sites belonging to ISIS,” indicating that, “Two air strikes were conducted in Ramadi and destructed two vehicles belonging to ISIS, in addition to a booby-trapped vehicle and anti-aircraft artillery unit.”

“One air strike was carried out in Syria on ISIS headquarters near al-Hasakah Province northeast of the country,” the statement continued.

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