International coalition will support Iraq in liberating Nineveh, says Pentagon

Pentagon spokesman Colonel Steve Warren
Pentagon spokesman Colonel Steve Warren


( US Department of Defense Pentagon renewed the international coalition’s support for any ground operation by the Iraqi forces to liberate Nineveh province from the terrorist organization ISIS, while pointed out that the operation to liberate Tikrit is a successful example of military cooperation between Washington and Baghdad.

Pentagon spokesman Col. Steve Warren said, “The US-led international coalition, which includes more than 60 countries, will provide air support to the Iraqi government and the Ministry of Defense in the ground operation against ISIS in Nineveh.”

Warren said in an interview with ‘Al- Hura’, “The liberation of Tikrit is a successful example of military cooperation between Washington and Baghdad,” confirming his conviction about ISIS defeat that will not be fast; it might take months and maybe years.

Warren added, “Eliminating ISIS in Iraq requires, in addition to the military approach, the adoption of political reconciliation and the establishment of a national unity to overcome sectarianism.”

“The situation in Iraq is very complicated because of the tensions imposed by sectarian conflict over power,” he continued.

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  1. There are many different Christian religious groups and they finally did achieve peace as ALL wanted peace. The vast majority of Sunni Muslims and Shia Muslims want to live in peace, BUT a small minority of Muslim Sunni religious extremists and the Muslim Shia religious extremists never did and why today they fight each other in Syria and Iraq plus some other countries around this world. We will see if the Iraqi Government can achieve the establishment of national unity and overcome sectarianism (bigotry, discrimination, or hatred arising from attaching importance to perceived differences between the Sunni and Shia in Iraq). And we will see if ever that could possibly be achieved in Syria and other countries around the world.

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