Iraq arrests a senior Islamic State executioner in Kirkuk

Islamic State execute 4 members on charges of cowardice west of Mosul

Hawija ( Iraqi security forces have arrested a senior Islamic State member in charge of executions in Kirkuk province, security sources were quoted saying on Tuesday.

Alsumaria News quoted the source saying that security forces, using intelligence information, arrested Abu Wahab al-Iraqi and four of his companions after raiding a home in al-Zab, Hawija, southwest of the province.

Abu Wahab was behind several killings, kidnappings and ambushes set up in the province, the source added, saying that he possessed maps of potential targets of terrorist attacks.

IS had been notorious for carrying out heinous executions of civilians and security members in Hawija, forcing thousands to flee the town.

Iraqi forces declared the recapture of Hawija, a major IS bastion, in October. The government announced all-out victory over the extremist group in December.

But remnant extremists continue to target security forces and civilians occasionally. Kirkuk has seen the extremists setting up fake security ambushes that left several security members dead.

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