Iraq condemns deadly attacks in As Suwayda, renews support toward Syrian cause

Smoke rises after a shelling on As-Suwayda Province.

Baghdad ( The Iraqi Foreign Ministry has condemned the blast that targeted the southern Syrian city of As-Suwayda city on Wednesday, renewing the government’s stance toward the Syrian cause.

In a statement issued on Thursday, Ahmed Mahjoub, the ministry spokesperson, said “the Iraqi Foreign Ministry condemns the terrorist blast that targeted the Syrian city of As Suwayda and offers condolences to families of the victims and wishes speedy recovery for the wounded.”

The crimes committed by the terrorist groups at the meantime, according to the statement, “confirms the disappointment of the terrorists in the wake of consecutive defeats and re-imposing the law on Syrian lands.”

Mahjoub stressed Iraq’s rejection toward the terrorism, with all its names and shapes and renews Iraq’s stance “toward the Syrian cause and support of the unity among Syrian lands.”

The death toll from the Islamic State gun attacks and three bomb blasts on villages of al-Matouna, Douma and Tima in the countryside of As-Suwayda rose to 215, Baghdad Today website quoted local media as saying.

The militant group then claimed responsibility for the deadly attacks.

Islamic State launched insurgency operations from its pockets in the desert areas, after it lost its strongholds in eastern Syria last year

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