Iraq says will control all border crossings even if by force

An Iraqi border sign in Anbar.

Baghdad ( Iraqi government will impose its control on the border crossings that are out of its control, even if by force, Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi’s advisor has said.

“There are 29 exits out of the federal government’s control, which should return back,” Walid al-Helli said in a televised interview. “No one knows what the situation is at these crossings. We do not know if they are used to smuggle drugs, oil or terrorists or not.

In related news, the London-based Al-Quds Al-Arabi newspaper’s website has said that federal troops are few kilometers away from Faysh Khabur exit border, between Kurdistan and Syrian borders, awaiting commands from the armed forces to impose control in Nineveh.

A security source from the Rapid Response forces was quoted saying that “troops are deployed on the borders of Faysh Khabur region, north of Zummar.”

He added that troops are only three kilometers away from Peshmerga.

“The situation there is calm with no confrontations as operations are suspended,” he said adding that troops await orders to head toward Khabur border crossing, knows as Ibrahim al-Khalil, on borders between Kurdistan and Turkey, so Peshmerga hands it over.

On Sunday, Jabbar al-Yawar, secretary general of Peshmerga Ministry said that the recent confrontations with Iraqi troops left 60 fighters of Peshmerga killed and 150 others wounded.

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