Iraqi air force says killed 20 ISIS militants in Mosul

Iraqi Air Force aircraft.
Iraqi Air Force aircraft.

( Nineveh – The Iraqi air force has said it had killed 20 Islamic State militants in airstrikes west of Mosul on Monday.

A statement by the air force said that several airstrikes on Monday targeted ISIS locations west of Mosul, destroying a number of havens as well as a fighters-loaded pickup truck at Atasa district.

Iraqi forces, supported by popular militias, Kurdish troops and US aircrafts have been in a tremendous, successful campaign against ISIS in Mosul since mid October, seeking to liberate the group’s last sanctuary in Iraq that fell in its grip in 2014.

The group has reportedly sustained serious losses and lost much ground in the city under the brunt of continuous security advances.

The United States-led military coalition partaking in the campaign against ISIS in Iraq said last week that 1363 ISIS fighters have been killed since the launch of operations to retake Mosul in October.

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