Iraqi airstrike kills ISIS Wali of Hawija near Kirkuk

Representational photo.
Representational photo.

( Kirkuk – Iraqi media outlets revealed on Thursday, that ISIS Wali of Hawija was killed, along with 13 of his aides, by an air strike conducted by Iraqi Air Force, southwest of Kirkuk.

According to Al Mada website, “The aircraft of Iraqi Air Force bombarded, at noon today, a gathering of ISIS members inside tunnels in Hawija district, killing ISIS Wali of Hawija, Abu Nasser al-Zawbaei, along with 13 of his aides, as well as destroying the tunnel completely.”

“The air strike was carried out based on accurate intelligence information,” Al Mada added.

Noteworthy, ISIS members have imposed their control over Kirkuk province, including the areas of Hawija, al-Riyad, al-Abbasi, al-Zab and al-Bashir village, after capturing Mosul, the center of Nineveh province.

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