UPDATE: Iraqi army, tribes kill 13 Daesh militants in Anbar

Iraqi F-16 fighter jets. File photo.

Anbar ( Thirteen Daesh (Islamic State) militants were killed in a raid by Iraqi army aviation and encounters with tribesmen province of Anbar, west of the country.

A statement by the ministry of defense, quoted by local media, said one warplane was targeted with gunfire during a backup mission for Iraqi forces in the city of Qaem, a former Islamic State stronghold near the Syrian borders.

The plane responded to the source of the firing, killing five Daesh (Islamic State) militants, and destroyed their truck besides a booby-trapped vehicle, according to the ministry.

Meanwhile, Russi Today quoted a tribal source in Anbar saying that a force of tribesmen in Anbar killed eight Daesh members who were camping in al-Jazirah desert are, upon a tip from civilians.

Iraq said it completely defeated Daesh, which controlled large areas of the country since 2014, but occasional encounters occur at desert areas, and the group has also targeted security forces and civilians across the country.

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