Iraqi army forces enter into al-Sajariyah east of Ramadi from two axes

Iraqi forces. Archival photo.
Iraqi forces. Archival photo.

( al-Anbar – Head of Khalediya District Council, Ali Dawood, announced on Saturday, that the Iraqi army forces entered into the area of al-Sajariyah from the western and southern axes, while pointed out to the killing of a number of ISIS militants.

Dawood said in a statement received by, “The Iraqi army forces, with support from the international coalition and the Iraqi Army Aviation, had managed to enter into al-Sajariyah (east of Ramadi) from the western and southern axes of the area.”

Dawood also added, “ISIS suffered human and material losses in the area of al-Sufiyah after killing a number of its elements,” pointing out that, “The army forces are continuously advancing to liberate the area completely.”

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