Iraqi Army kills 47 ISIS fighters, destroys 13 shelters on day 19 of Operation Fajr al-Karma

Iraqi army soldier. File photo.
Iraqi army soldier. File photo.

( al-Anbar – On Sunday, Baghdad Operations Command announced, that 47 terrorists have been killed in a security operation by the army forces in the district of al-Karma.

Baghdad Operations said in a statement received by “Our forces, with direct and field support from the commander of Baghdad Operations, have continued advancing into the area of al-Karma and its surroundings as part of Operation Fajr al-Karma on its 19th day,” noting that, “The operation resulted in killing 44 ISIS fighters along with 3 snipers, in addition to destroying 13 headquarters and shelters for the enemy and the dismantlement of 43 improvised explosives.”

“The security forces have also managed to burn 2 vehicles and kill everyone inside them, in addition to destroying another 4 vehicles that were carrying machine-guns,” the statement read.

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