Iraqi army kills, wounds 59 ISIS terrorists for the 5th day in al-Karma, says BoC

Baghdad Operations forces. MoD File photo.
Baghdad Operations forces. MoD File photo.

( Baghdad – On Sunday, Baghdad Operations Command announced that 59 terrorists have been either killed or injured by army forces during the military operation ‘Fajr al-Karma’ in the district of al-Karma, located in east of Fallujah.

Baghdad Operations Command said in a statement obtained by “Our forces, with direct and field supervision from the commander of Baghdad Operations, conducted a number of counter operations to liberate the rest of al-Karma district and its surrounding areas for the 5th day in a row during the military operation ‘Fajr al-Karma,’”

“The operations resulted in killing 54 terrorists and wounding 5 others, in addition to treating 25 booby-trapped houses and destroying an armored vehicle that carried a machine-gun.”

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