Iraqi army launches operation to clear western Anbar regions from IS

Iraqi government forces are seen near the Falahat village west of Fallujah on June 27, 2016.
Iraqi forces took the Islamic State group’s last positions in the city of Fallujah on June 26, establishing full control over one of the jihadists’ most emblematic bastions after a month-long operation. / AFP PHOTO / MOADH AL-DULAIMI

Anbar ( A military operation was launched to drive Islamic State militants out of western regions in Anbar province, a senior Iraqi officer was quoted as saying.

“Military offensive was launched on Saturday to clear Annah and Rawa cities, west of Anbar. Eight IS militants were killed after troops invaded these regions and destroyed three booby-trapped vehicles,” Maj.Gen.Noaman al-Wube’y, commander of the seventh division of the Iraqi army in Anbar told DPA.

The operation, according to Wube’y, is ongoing to clear the regions in west of Anbar.

Meanwhile, Anbar Operations Command declared foiling an attack by IS against military troops west of Rutba in Anbar.

Speaking to AlSumaria News on Saturday, Maj.Gen. Mahmoud al-Falahi said “the first division of army thwarted an attack by IS against units in Okshat crossroads, west of Rutba.”

“Two IS vehicles were destroyed, while militants inside were killed,” he added.

The city of Annah, Anbar, Iraq.

Iraqi troops were able to return life back to normal in the biggest cities of Anbar including Fallujah, Ramadi and others after recapturing them. However, Anbar’s western towns of Annah, Qaim and Rawa are still held by the extremist group since 2014, when it emerged to proclaim a self-styled Islamic Caliphate.

Fighter jets from the Iraqi army and the international coalition have also regularly pounded IS locations in the province.

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