Iraqi army launches operation in search of six people kidnapped by IS

A member of Iraqi Special Operations Forces walks during an operation to clear Islamic State militants out of the al-Andalus district. Reuters

Diyala ( – A wide-scale military operation was launched Wednesday in search of the six people kidnapped last week by Islamic State (IS) group in Hamrin region in Diyala, a local military commander was quoted as saying.

Speaking to Alghad Press, Commander of Diyala Operations Maj. Gen. Mazhar al-Azzawi said, “A joint force made up of security men and military intelligence personnel launched a military operation in the areas surrounding Hamrin region between Qarah Tabbah town and the Baghdad-Kirkuk road to find the six people kidnapped by Islamic State militants last week.”

“The results of the military operation will be announced soon,” according to al-Azzawi.

The Islamic State group on Sunday released a video on its Amaq propaganda agency, threatening to execute the six men it kidnapped last week unless authorities in Baghdad release Sunni Muslim female prisoners within three days.

The kidnapped men were found to be members of the Iraqi police and al-Hashed al-Shaabi (Popular Mobilization Forces).

The militant group had posted some videos on its propaganda websites, claiming that seventeen people were kidnapped on a highway between Kirkuk and Baghdad, a road that has seen an uptick in attacks by the Islamic State in recent weeks.

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