Iraqi army retakes 15 villages from ISIS grip west of Anbar

Archival photo.
Archival photo.

( Anbar – On Wednesday the commander of al-Jazeera Operations Major General Ali Dabon announced, that the joint security forces managed to retake 15 villages from ISIS grip west of Anbar, while pointed out to the participation of Anbar tribal fighters, army forces and the international coalition aviation in this operation.

Dabon said in a press statement received by, “The liberated villages are located on the strategic road linking between Ain al-Assad air base, Haditha District and the right bank of the Euphrates River,” pointing out that, “These villages include al-Wardiya village, al-Rabey, Ewinat, Swinaj, Abul Ela, al-Braziya, and Juba village near the residential complex west of Anbar.”

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