Iraqi command: 25.000 IS fighters killed throughout Mosul operations

Commander of the Joint Operations Command in Nineveh, Lt. Gen. Abdul-Amir Yarallah

Baghdad ( Security operations against the Islamic State militants in Mosul left 25.000 militants killed, according to the Iraqi command that led the war to retake Iraq’s second largest city.

Lt. Gen. Abdul-Amir Yarallah, head of the Nineveh Operations at the Joint Operations Command, said in a briefing on Saturday that more than 25.000 militants were killed over the nine months of battles, including more than 450 suicide bombers.

Iraqi forces destroyed 1247 booby-trapped cars and shot down 130 drones belonging to the group besides more than 1500 diverse vehicles, Yarallah said.

The JOC fought the battle with more than 100.000 government and paramilitary troops, Yarallah added. “The Iraqi army fought a battle that no army in the world had fought,” the commander said.

Only the regions of Mahalabiya, Ayyadia and Tal Afar still witness an Islamic State existence, and with their recapture, the province becomes fully liberated, according to the commander.

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi declared victory over IS in Mosul on July 9th after Iraqi forces took over western Mosul’s Old City, the birthplace of the Islamic State where the group’s leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, made a sermon proclaiming control over a third of Iraq and Syria.

In a separate statement, Iyad al-Assali, an Iraqi police lieutenant, told Turkish agency Anadolu that security arrested 245 suspected IS militants in western Mosul’s Old City since Iraqi troops took over the medieval area.




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  1. I gather that ABC is not happy with the result as they have banned me from posting. I guess they are disappointed that DAESH did not win.

  2. Yes, all those glory worshiping news agency in the US must be disappointed that the incompetent Daesh thugs and criminals did not win. The fact is that they lost before they even began this stupidity of murder and destruction and I so posted on iraqinews more than 3 years ago. My exact words were “they are only going to make the Iraqi military stronger and lose everything”. Why was I able to predict this with 100% accuracy? It was because of the absolute and total incompetence of their leadership in baiting the world’s strongest and most competent military power by beheading its citizens and killing the Yazidis. These fools were guaranteed to lose and the same would go for Iran or any other country in the region that would be stupid enough to bait and drag a superpower such as the US into conflict. Sadam Hussein did it and he lost. His left over military followers in Daesh did it an they lost again. All the losers want to lose everything just take on a military for which you have no idea what you are dealing with. I congratulate the Iraqis for fighting the most courageous urban battle in recent memory. The rebuilt Iraqi military will be a warning to future terrorists that one step inside Iraq will be an open welcome to hell.

    • ISIS is an American creation.
      The U.S & Coalition did not really help, other than bomb 7000 innocent civilians inside Mosul and 100’s of Iraqi & PMU troops (through do-called friendly fire)

  3. Actually, the middle-east was far quieter when the British run the affair. The trick is a strong leader, which of course is what Saddam was and Assad is. Yes a few people die but nowhere near so many as have died with the silly experiment with imposing ‘democracy’ on the Arab states. Democracy may work well in America and Europe, but Arabia is not America or Europe, nor are the people of those nations waiting with bated breath for democracy to happen. The teachings of Islam does not run well together with democracy….They need a few more years (200) yet to work through it . Don’t try to replace Assad, it will lead to years of bloodshed as rival groups fight it out and Syria will probably end up simply replacing one dictator with another…….Just leave them alone to fight each other, if they wish !

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