Iraqi court sentences 10 foreign females to death over involvement with Islamic State

Baghdad’s central criminal court.

Baghdad ( The Central Criminal Court in Baghdad has sentenced 10 foreign female terrorists to death over involvement with Islamic State.

In a statement on Thursday, Abdul Satar Bayraqdar, spokesperson for the High Judicial Council, said “The Central Criminal Court issued death sentences against five female militants, two of whom are Azeri and three others are from Kyrgyzstan, over involvement with Islamic State.”

“Life sentences were issued against five female convicts, two of whom are Russian, an Azeri one and a French one,” he added.

The convicts, according to Bayraqdar, belong to IS. “They took part in operations against Iraqi troops.”

Many IS members were detained during liberation battles that freed cities, which were recaptured by the militant group in 2014.

Earlier this month, the Iraqi Justice Ministry has announced carrying out death sentences against 13 convicts, most of whom are involved in terrorism. Six Turkish females were sentenced to death over affiliation to Islamic State.

In March, the Central Criminal Court in Baghdad has sentenced 13 Turkish women to death over the same charge. The same court sentenced number of women to life and death over belonging to Islamic State. Some of them were Azeri, Turkish and Iraqi.

In February, an Iraqi court ordered deporting a French female jihadist to her country after serving a seven-year jail term. 15 Turkish females were sentenced to life, in the same month, over their membership with Islamic State.

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi declared victory over the militant group, previously in December, however, observers warn that the group still poses a security threat with sleeper cells.

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