Iraqi court sentences four Islamic State members sentenced to life

Baghdad’s central criminal court.

Baghdad ( The Iraqi judiciary has sentenced four Islamic State members, who used to work for the militant group in Nineveh and Diyala provinces, to life.

A statement by Abdul Sattar al-Bayraqdar, the spokesperson for the High Judicial Council, said”the Central Criminal Court in Baghdad reviewed cases of suspects who accused of joining Islamic State. They were sentenced to life after being proved to have committed crimes.”

One of the convicts, according to the statement, “was distributing CDs, that contained videos of operations carried out by the militants in Baaj region in Nineveh. He also used to distribute newspapers and magazines that publish news of the group.”

The other convicts “offered logistic support to the group in Nineveh and Diyala,” the statement added.

On Sunday, Baghdad Today website quoted Sadeq al-Husseini, the head of the security committee in Iraqi Diyala provincial council, saying that Iraqi court sentenced four men to life imprisonment for joining the Islamic State group in Diyala province.

Many Islamic State members were detained during liberation battles that freed cities, which were recaptured by the militant group in 2014.

In December, the Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi announced gaining control on all the territories that were captured by Islamic State, since 2014. However, Security reports indicate that the militant group still poses threat against stability in the country. The group still has dormant cells, through which it carries out attacks, across Iraq like it used to do before 2014.

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