Iraqi forces destroy the so-called “ISIS Leadership Operations” in Ramadi

The Commander of the federal police forces Raed Shakir
The commander of the federal police forces Raed Shakir

( Anbar – The commander of the federal police forces Raed Shakir Jawdat announced on Monday the destruction of the headquarters of “ISIS Leadership Operations” in Ramadi, noting that dozens of ISIS elements were killed and wounded.

Jawdat said in a statement received by “the Federal Police and the intelligence cell, in coordination with field artillery and army aviation, destroyed the headquarters of the so-called ISIS leadership Operations in the city of Ramadi.”

Jawdat added that “Dozens of ISIS elements were killed and wounded, in addition to destrying seven vehicles belonging to the organization.”


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  1. For weeks Iraqi field artillery and army aviation has been gradually destroying all of the buildings in Ramadi so they were bound to kill some of ISIS’s leadership and members, but that is also killing some of the innocent civilians who are also sheltering in the buildings.

  2. Other News media reports that Iran led forces were thrown back from ISIS held Ramadi. With all the victories that Iraqi News report everyday the war should be over.

  3. I do not know much about Iran led forces but Iraq led there are about 3,000 mostly Shiite militia fighters in Anbar province fighting ISIS and they also are not making much progress even at Ramadi. Maybe they do not want to risk their lives fighting so that the Sunni population can get their homes back and prefer to sit back and flatten all the Sunni homes with their long range heavy weapons, artillery and airstrikes.

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