Iraqi forces kill 14 IS members east of Mosul

Iraqi security forces fighting IS
Iraqi security forces. File photo.

Nineveh ( An Army Officer of Nineveh Operations Command revealed on Monday, that Iraqi security forces continue advancing toward the eastern side of Mosul.

Captain Iyad Ziad said in a press statement, “Security forces continued advancing toward the eastern side of Mosul, and stormed into al-Mazare’ area, as well as killing and wounding members of the Islamic State in the first hours of the storming operation.”

“The [security] forces stormed into al-Mazare’ area after liberating large areas of al-Wehda area in the southeastern side of Mosul,” Ziad added.

“The forces also killed 14 members of the Islamic State, including 4 suicide bombers, and wounded others,” Ziad further added. “Furthermore, our forces are planning to reliberate al-Salam Hospital,” he explained.

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